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At S.T.E.A.M University, we engage our students and ignite their creative minds through hands-on workshops in a fun learning environment where they are free to explore, create and invent to no limit. S.T.E.A.M is dedicated to promoting engineering and technology careers to the community's youth. Our program's primary focus is in Electrical, Mechanical, Chemical, and Civil Engineering. We engage students in academic competitions, educational activities, and career guidance resources.


Our coding classes use various programs like video game design, app development, and much more. Many technology companies are searching to hire individuals who have programming skills. Our classes will introduce students to those skills, which will benefit the student's future endeavors as a computer programmer.

STEM Ultimate Sports Challenge

The STEM Ultimate Sports Challenge is a supplemental program that combines sports lessons with the academic disciplines of STEM (Science/Technology/Engineering/Math). Popular sports are used as strategic vehicles to drive STEM-based learning and show participants a side of the game they've never seen before. 


See What STEAM Parents Are Saying

"Ms. Robinson was an excellent teacher! So patient and encouraging and kind. The class requires some creativity with existing Lego blocks that you have around the house. The kids built cities based on renewable energy sources. This was fantastic!"

"Kids are given information about renewable resources and then directed to build a city that includes a renewable energy source of power. Participants were encouraged to share what they were making. I was surprised by how quickly kids used the information and how eager they were to share. My grandson, who is normally very shy, volunteered eagerly. He was proud of his creations and didn't compare his design to others. The teacher also showed how to make an energy-efficient car. So there were opportunistic for kids to be creative and to learn from specific instructions."

"The teacher did a great job of interacting with the kids and encouraging them. Afterward, my son said, "I wish it had gone for five hours!"



S.T.E.A.M. University is a creative space for kids to innovate, build and engineer ideas. We engage our student's creative minds and ignite their inventive thinking through hands-on workshops in a fun learning environment.


With the demand for consumer and business robots rising, our program curriculum focuses on A.I., visual coding, and machine learning. Additionally, we incorporate national competitive challenges where students task their robots with specific actions.


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